Isky Cams Red Zone Max Endurance Roller Lifters Chevy BB .904 276RHM904

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Isky Cams Roller Lifters
#276-RHM-904 or 276RHM904
Fits: Big Block Chevy
Product Features:
  • Feature A .750 Diameter Roller Bearing
  • Heavy Duty 4340 Chromemoly Pin
  • Recommended For Normally Aspirated Application
Lifter Style: Mechanical roller
Lifter Link Bars Included: Yes
Link Bar Type: Vertical
Lifter Outside Diameter (in): 0.903 in.
Lifter Offset: None

Quantity: Sold as a set of 16.

Isky Red-Zone Max Endurance roller lifters are designed to withstand a massive amount of abuse without letting you down. In racing or high performance engines, radical cam profiles and huge spring pressures take their toll on lifters--that's where these Red-Zone lifters come into play. These lifters are designed around Marathon roller bearings that utilize a larger diameter pin and a shock-absorbing race that are able to withstand huge spring pressures and sustained high rpm without prematurely wearing out. Add to that Isky's exclusive full spectrum three-point oiling system that delivers a continuous oil supply to the lifters, and over the nose of the cam, and you end up with one of the toughest and most reliable lifters available. Don't risk the race or your engine to inferior lifters--upgrade to these Isky Red-Zone Maximum Endurance roller lifters!
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