ARP Cylinder Head Stud Kit Oldsmobile 455 BB Olds 7/16" 185-4001

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ARP Cylinder Head Stud Kit 

Big Block Oldsmobile 455 With OEM Cast Iron Or Edelbrock Heads

ARP #185-4001

Fastener Style: Stud
Thread Size: 7/16 in.
Undercut Stud: No
Head Style: Hex
Fastener Material: 8740 chromoly
Fastener Finish: Black oxide
Washers Included: Yes
Cut to Fit: No
Quantity: Sold as a kit.


8740 Chrome Moly: Until the development of today’s modern alloys, chrome moly was popularly considered a high strength material. Now viewed as only moderate strength, 8740 chrome moly is seen as a good tough steel, with adequate fatigue properties for most racing applications, but only if the threads are rolled after heat-treatment, as is the standard ARP production practice. Typically, chrome moly is classified as a quench and temper steel, that can be heat-treated to deliver tensile strengths between 180,000 and 210,000 psi.


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